Brace yourself... Summer is coming!

Hello fellow humans, 

I am sure that most of you guys are seeing summer coming, its just behind the corner. So with that said, I have no doubt that you are working those abs and cardio do get the beach bod' ready. And if you are planning to get a tattoo so you can glide on the beaches of the sunny coast showing off those new shapes of yours, maybe you should think about getting it done before it is too hot. The sun is the worst enemy of a tattoo, and keep in mind you must avoid that bad boy 2 to 3 weeks after you got inked. So plan accordingly... just sayin'

Ink for Pink Ribbon

Ink for pink Ribbon is a initiative we have created to help breast cancer survivors, covering up there mastectomy scars with a tattoo for free.

The end goal we are aiming for is to group together on one platform, information and contact details of tattoo artists willing to donate a tattoo. Anyone looking in getting a mastectomy cover-up can find on this platform a artist close to them. 

This initiative is very important to me, I have lost my mother to breast cancer, and saw her go through this breast removal process and it is terrible. If I can with a tattoo, help a woman regain a bit of the feminity she has lost, it will be a great victory.


BigFish Tattoo is one year old!

Its crazy how time flies. It seem like it was only last week I was placing the decals on the shops window.

The studio was one year yesterday. And what a year. One hell of a roller coaster. But despite the highs and the lows, I met amazing people, some who became friends. I saw my work evolve and saw new projects come to life. One thing is for sure, I cant wait to see where we will be in a years time. A great team is coming together and with that great new projects.

I would like to thanks all of you who supported me during this year. It would have been impossible without you guys. A million thanks to you guys and a even bigger thanks to my wife and son, they are the reason why I am doing all this.

Ink Attack tattoo convention

Our studio was present at the sunshine coast tattoo convention. And let me tell you. What an experience. 

So many amazing artists where present. It was my first convention as a tattooist and I found the whole experience very eye opening. I have learnt so much in such a short period of time. Even a week after the show I am still processing the information. I was very lucky to have my booth next to North Shore tattoo and was at arms length of Jason. I can only highly recommend this studio. They are so down to earth and nice. I had no feeling of competition or rivalry, we helped each other out to make our week end even more fulfilling.

I am determined and looking forward in next years convention. Its a whole new world of tattooing that just opened there doors to me and I am excited in what is yet to be discovered.

16.06.2016 "Welcome to BigFish Tattoo"

Welcome to the BigFish Tattoo website. BigFish Tattoo is located in the center of Tewantin. As you can see the shop is not yet open, but feel free to browse our gallery and familiarize yourself with our work. Our goal is to offer our customers a relaxed and zen atmosphere in a modern and clean environment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. If you wish to get a booking with us once we are open, this is of course possible. We can take your contact details and give you a time and date as soon as the shop is ready to roll.