All booking will require a deposit to secure a date with your artist. 

The minimum deposit for a tattoo is $50. Payable in the studio or over the phone.

The minimum deposit for a full day session is $200. Payable in the studio or over the phone.

The Studio’s minimum charge is $100.

Designs will be made once a date has been secured and will be prioritised according to bookings and the artists discretion. We appreciate your patience. Feel free to ask questions regarding the booking and the design prior to the session. Your artist will have a design ready for you on the morning of the session, and will do all changes necessary to make the design perfect for you.

We hope you understand that these are the optimal working conditions for your artist and appreciate you respecting them.

In case of a cancellation we ask the customer to give the artist at least 48 hours notice so the deposit can be refunded in its entirety. Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance will result in forfeiting the deposit.