We understand that tattoos are a important investment. That for the most of you, you save for your future tattoo. 

So this is what we do to help you. We do not charge per hour. We agree on a design and with all the information we gather from you, we give you a quote or at least a range that will give you an idea of what price you are looking at. 

We do have a minimum charge of $80 for all small tattoos. 

For the bigger tattoos, we offer a daily rate, which is $800, that also includes lunch and after-care. If you are getting a piece that requires multiple full days, we allow you to have a $100 discount on your next full days session if this is booked within the 4 weeks of you latest session.

We do not quote over the phone. So for any prices, you will need to come by and say "Hi" and have a chat.