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Thinking about getting 


    your first Tattoo?

All the information you need to make your first tattoo.


Step 1  

" Be sure "

Ok so this is a given. Clearly you need to be sure you want a tattoo. But you'll be surprised of the amount of people wanting a tattoo just for the sake of it...  If this first tattoo has a meaning to you, that's awesome, in 15, 20 , 50 years, that meaning will not change. But if you just want one because its 'pretty' or 'cool as..' you might take the risk in it not meaning much to you anymore down the road.


Step 2  

"do your research"

This step is the one you should take the most time with. These days you guys have the best tool available, it is what a saw is to a carpenter, a stove for a cook and a wave for a surfer.... I am talking about Google. Use the heck out of it even if you crash the server. Browse and branch out to all the pictures you can. A really wise man once said. "Focus on what you like and not what you want. With what you like we can make a palet and from that we can built what you want." - Me...

Step 3

" Choose your artist "

Probably one of the best service you can do to yourself when it comes to a tattoo. Not only for your first one but all of the ones that will follow ( there'll be more you'll see.) Check out for your local artist and regional artists. Don't limit yourself to the closest one. Do the drive if necessary and go and talk to them. You HAVE to be comfortable in there presence. Make sure they listen and are honest to you. Make sure you do not feel pressured. If they just simply stick to your first idea that will put a end to all possibilities you might have and that is not a good thing. Also, if you have questions, please share them with the artist, a good artist will understand that you might need some reassuring so do not hesitate. 

Step 4  

"Prepare yourself for the tattoo"

Does not matter if it is a infinity symbol or a wheelbarrow that take all your back. You need to have a good night sleep prior to the tattoo. And a decent breakfast. Take with you some sugary stuff so you can quickly recharges your batteries if necessary. There is a slight possibility you might be in shock, so plan a jumper and even socks, because your body temperature might fall a bit. But no worries this is not a bad thing, it's pretty common and very normal.